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A mildly offensive insult, popular in the US Midwest. Interchangeable with any of thousands of other generic insults like dillhole or asshat.
"Joe keeps hanging around drinking all my beer and asking to borrow money. What a heiner."
CabronDeOz가 작성 2009년 07월 04일 (토)
Any preppy white male between the ages of 16 and 29 who can be spotted easily by their American Eagle and/or Abercrombie and Fitch shirts that are multiple sizes to small, has a faintly orange fake tan from sitting too long in a tanning bed, and wears excessive amounts of "bling". Can be found at college or high school parties drinking "Natty Ice" as they call it and hitting on girls who find them to be repulsive, because their low level of intelligence wont allow them to comprehend that people dont like them, drives a luxury car that their rich parents bought them and believes they are "gangsta" because they blast rap and hip hop through their over sized subwoofers that they had someone else put in because they wanted their car to "bust fat slaps". In some rare cases they may not look like this but will still describe things as sketch or hein. If you see one of these individuals please walk away and do not start conversation unless you want to hear them talk for hours on end about their dumbass bros and how they always "pick up the bitches" everywhere they go.

This term is interchangeable with douchebag and bro

pronounced Hayner
Normal Person 1: Why do you have to be such a heiner?

Heiner: Fuck you man, i'm just drinking Natty Ice with my Bros!
FeartheReaver가 작성 2010년 07월 04일 (일)
Another word for ass or butt.
Man it was great she let me put in her heiners last nite!
William von heiners가 작성 2007년 10월 03일 (수)
Can be used as an adjective for intoxitation, replacing drunk, stoned, high, blazed, fucked up or as a noun replacing any substance that cause hallucinations or intoxication such as weed, shrooms, weed, beer, or vodka.

Also can be used as a noun to replace bong, piece, stoner, drunkard, druggie, alcoholic, pimp, drug dealer, or moneymaker.
"Matt is such a heiner."
"Man matt, while you always gotta be heinered?"
"Man this is some good heiner."
"I'm just a heiner, what can I say the girlies love me."
"Man Shnitz, you are such a heiner."
"Yo eric, stop bein such a heiner and pass the heiner."
"That heiner is off the heezy, I wish we had some more heiner so we could hit the heiner again, but then again, we aren't heiners so we can't buy that much heiner, damn i wish i was heiner, then all are heiner problems would be solved."
"Like a heiner, like a heiner, what can I say."
Sir Crunkness가 작성 2005년 01월 19일 (수)
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