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32 year old widowed writer. Ventures to the town of Silent Hill on vacation with his daughter only to discover that it is literally a personication of the pain and memories of Alessa Gillespie, filled with harrowing images of pain and suffering, demon children weilding knives ready to chop his dick off, demonic doctors and nurses, among endless woes without end.
...No sweat.
Harry Mason is known for being the most badass underdog video game protagonist in excistence. Anyone who plays the game will know that this is a man who can whoop Master Chief's ass anyday. This is a man who will blindly run into the worst of horrors anyone can ever imagine without showing any sort of remote fear whatsoever, nothing less than the sheer determination for the only thing he gives a shit about: his daughter.
Harry beats the ever-lovin' shit out of any monster that comes in his way with an iron pipe or whatever else he has near him and doesn't complain. When he speaks, he is monotonous and unafraid and determined. Nothing breaks him, and nothing will stop him from finding his daughter. If you're in his way, back the fuck off, otherwise this fucker will beat your skull in with a pipe, stomp on your face while you're on the ground, headlock you, and ask you in a monotonous and calm tone: "Have you seen a little girl? Short, black hair?"
He's a dimwit sometimes, but redeems that by being totally awesome.
Harry Mason is such a badass, he blasted a nurses' skull open with a fire-ax, curb stomped the shit out of her while she was on the ground, then proceeded to not give a shit about it.
StuffedMannequin1가 작성 2010년 04월 12일 (월)
A 32-year-old writer who travels to the town of Silent Hill for a vacation with his daughter when a mysterious girl appears in front of their car and causes it’s plummet. From there on in they go through the most unlikely of events in the town.
"Have you seen a girl, short, black hair?"
eefpod가 작성 2003년 09월 07일 (일)
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