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1. An area in North West London (NW10 to be exact) in England. Infamous for being a ghetto/gangster area and a fun place to rave. Harlesden is also known to be a Jamaican neighbourhood and is dominated with many of them.

2. Harlesden has also attracted the media and has been the center of two television documentaries. "Heart of Harlesden" and "My Shakespeare".

3. Harlesden is surrounded by Stonebridge, Willesden and is close to Wembley, Kensal Rise. Stonebridge is very similar to Harlesden and both are very much linked to each other.

Buses that go to Harlesden:
18, 266, 260, 297, PR2

Tube lines that go to Harlesden/Willesden Junction Station:
Bakerloo Line, National Rail
"Blad, what endz you reppin?"
"HARLESDEN innit."
"Shit, don't lie. Ghetto endz."
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Small part of North West London (NW10), in the Southern district of the London borough of Brent. Harlesden consists of a few areas: Harlesden, Stonebridge, Church End, Kensal Green.

- To the East of Central Harlesden is Kensal Green, Kensal Rise, Cricklewood, Queens Park, Wormwood Scrubs and Kilburn Park.

- To the West of Harlesden is Stonebridge, Monks Park, Alperton and Wembley Central.

- To the North of Harlesden is Church End, Willesden, Dollis Hill, St Raphaels, Brent Park and Neasden.

- To the South of Harlesden is Park Royal, Hanger Lane, North Acton and Ladbroke Grove.

-NW10 borders other postcodes: NW6, NW2, NW9, HA0, HA9, W5, W3, W12, W10.

(1) Notorious for gang violence and general crime since the 1980's. In 2000 Harlesden was recognised as the 'murder capital of England'. Particularly the areas around Church Road, Curzon Cresent, Hillside, Shakespeare Crescent and other areas near Stonebridge and Church End.

(2) Harlesden has many leisure facilities such as clubs and is well-known for this.

(3) Television documentaries such as 'Heart of Harlesden' and 'My Shakespeare' has drawn a lot of media attention to the area.

Transport which serves Harlesden/Willesden Junction:

-Buses: N18, 18, 187, 206, 220, 224, 226, 228, 260, 266, 487
-Tube: Harlesden, Willesden Junction

Other transport which serve closely to Harlesden:

-Buses: 440, 112, 6, 28, 52, 302, 452, 611, 98, N98
-Tube: Stonebridge Park, Kensal Green, Park Royal, Neasden, North Acton
E.g. "What part of NW?"
*Runs away*
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