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A hot ass mutha fucker. Likes hot aggressive girls that know how to ride serious dick.
Damn that dude is humberto, ain't he? That niggah is FINE!
Celeste Smith가 작성 2008년 08월 23일 (토)
A name for anyone who is inherently awesome . Humbertos are known to be trustworthy and noble. They are full of courage and stamina . Humbertos are chivalrous and kind.
Woman : Ahhh that man stole my purse ?

Humberto: I'll get him!
Woman: Why,Humberto,you saved the day!
i<3humbertoes가 작성 2012년 01월 19일 (목)
1. Not to be confused with ungüento, lamberto or the humpback turtle.

An old fashioned pedestrian with a mustache, who tells time by looking at an apparatus on his wrist.
Humberto`s dressing style is very formal, he wears polo shirts and khakis , once in a while he wears a non-zipper sweater around his neck to look swagger.
Humberto does not speak English, in fact his English sounds like a box-full of spoons thrown down the stairs.
Although his looks and parley are not his strength, he is quite the ladie`s man, humberto has secret affairs now and then,humberto dates young and beautiful wome , humberto is every woman`s piggy bank.
Very hard working, his work involves physical labor such as gardening or fixing leaky gutters; humberto is a handy-man.
Unfortunately this loser, quit school, he does not know what a cap -and-gown is nor does he know what 5+5-5 is equals to.

2. Its a hair style known for using chunks of long hair or extensions to cover any bald spots along ones head, lots of hairspray or gel needed; works best with a beardstrap or a rattail.
Mr. Money Bags: Humberto i cant lend you anymore money, you must file for bankruptcy!
Humberto: NO!! is no fair yoo no
WH00-i -Me-Wah-shing-ton가 작성 2015년 07월 31일 (금)
A male with a certain mental issue causing him to make orgasmic sounds at random, unexpected moments. This is mainly caused by the sight of sexual intercourse at a very early age, also resulting in seizures. A cure has not been found yet, but it has been said to be removed by cutting the penis, although it is a very painful process it can be done.
oh no... it's an Humberto, get away before he rapes you!
Dr.Friedrich Theodore가 작성 2008년 11월 05일 (수)
King and ruler of the people of Nicaruagua. Also Dictator who eats his boogers and smells howling monkey balls. Wears his cermonial wardrobe and gets coke points from, the trash from his Aunt who dives in garbage cans. Also known as Don Burto. DOn Burto is a graduate from Processor University and has flung poop everywhere.
Hi im Humberto and I'M RICH BITCH I own the whole country so say hello to my little friend Eduardo. He is my servant.
Flinger,king,monkey,fling,Nicaragua가 작성 2008년 02월 05일 (화)
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