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Pimpest of pimps to have ever existed in the human species whether male or female they can be sweethearts in the inside yet a tough cookie to crumble on the outside. Having a mysterious aura people are naturally drawn to these intectuall beings. Sexy, exotic, sensual, flirtatious and playful yet always observant and aware of their surroundings will protect their own kind to the fullest. Known to be a freak in the sheets, wild and aggressive gauranteed to give their partner a crazy work out. Love to be challanged and tend to keep interest in those whom they find intriguing. Have the ability to give the eye and get the point across all without a word being said. Extremley competative and at times very opinionated only the strongest of characters will manage to keep up with a Guemiksizian.
1. Last night while having dinner with some friends I was distracted by a Guemiksizian from across the room.

2. Now remember its just a game we are playing for fun no need to become a Guemiksizian, deal?

3. Carrie:OMG are you serious????

Lynn: yes im telling you hes somethin else

Carrie: So your telling me Guemiksizian in the

morning, Guemiksizian at noon and....

Lynn: Yes Guemiksizian in the evening, Ive

considered just cancelling my membership to the gym

there's just no need anymore...LOL

Carrie: I agree sounds like you already have a

membership to Guemiksizian total fitness who needs

bumblebeesnaps가 작성 2010년 02월 05일 (금)
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