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“The Grind Date is simply a slang way of saying working, being about your hustle, just trying to do your job. So you know, someone working really hard and maybe doing more than one job, have three jobs, it’s just a way of saying they are on their grind. They are on their hustle. They are just trying to make their ends meet and live. I think that we at De La Soul have come to see ourselves like that. We have never fit into what was the norm of rap, even when we were at the height of our career when we first came out. But even when trying to still put music out and make it what we want it to be its a lot of work, it’s a grind. So we symbolize where we are today and contribute to that word, it’s like it’s a ‘grind date’"

"Grinding and working your best to meet a certain level of success that you don’t know what it is until you get there. The term is actually playing of the term ‘a blind date’, like knowing that you have a date with a woman, but not knowing what she looks like until you knock on that door and she opens it. So we are saying it’s like opportunities and the success we are trying to reach with our career, you really don’t know what it is or how to measure that success until it’s pretty much over and done until you meet that day that its over and you tally everything up.”

(Posednous - De La Soul)
I am working hard, having the Grind Date
Until I get the money to buy my left leg's skate
Ernests가 작성 2007년 01월 21일 (일)
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