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A city in NSW, Australia. It's the largest city in the Central Coast area. Deros, junkies, dealers, brothels, nightclubs, pubs and the rest of the scum that make up the lower class in society reside here. Best to take some kind of protection with you when coming from sydney, newcastle or melbourne as fuckwits there tend to glass, bash, stab and shoot each other over nothing. Stay away from the train stations in the area like woy woy, lisarow, niagara park, wyong etc after dark as your likely to get rolled, robbed or bashed for no reason...

Often driving you will pass masses of youths drinking on the streets and fighting coz "there's no good parties round" or because "its a monday". has the highest youth unemployment and crime rate in nsw per capita. unlike parts of sydney which are dominated by gangs of certain races, the whole coast is a mixed boiling pot of different backgrounds living off welfare payments, alcohol, weed and other drugs.

Close to some nicer areas like terrigal and avoca, its just gosford and its inner suburbs like wyoming, lisarow, niagara park, narara are where all the poor, unemployed and criminals live.
1. "Hey mate lets hit iggy's in gosford this fri, they've got mad hot chicks"

"no way, they'll probably stab us and roll us for our liqor"
Cheque가 작성 2009년 07월 05일 (일)
Aussie term for a very short skirt.
The town of Gosford is geographically close to The Entrance, hence the name.
"Oi Hank! Check out the Gosford on that stunna."
dogboy1가 작성 2008년 05월 28일 (수)
1. the wannabe sydney of australia.

2. Appleby's favourite type of car
1. gosford is a hole!

2. go(s)ford!
iota가 작성 2007년 03월 25일 (일)
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