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Grasscity's resident forum superhero.

He is one of the most intelligent and respected members of GC, and fucking with him will result in complete and total destruction of your soul.

He lives in BC in an undisclosed location. He has also lived in other provinces across Canada.
Some info on Gooseman...

-Post in General, in general.
-Get's all the ladies
-Smokes mad weed
-Plays some rank good guitar
-Hates Apple
-Loves recreational substances, including weed, shrooms, MDMA, LSD, Ketamine, speed, Klonopin, Morphine, cocaine, and Crown Royal whisky.
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pseudoephedrine가 작성 2011년 10월 17일 (월)
Gooseman-Noun and or Adjective.

A level of awesome that is not easily attained. Men and women are born with this epic title, however, to be born with it you must be it, and that is a rare thing to be.

However, if a Gooseman male proposes to the girl of his choosing, she too, becomes Gooseman, and they go and create gooselings, thus, to be born with it. A female born with it will always have it. The title can also be given if a Gooseman deems you honorably awesome. This is a rare occurance.

Beware of false Gooseman, people who were born with it, but have turned away from their awesomeness. They cannot be trusted.

Common traits of a real Gooseman.

Red hair or beard. Enjoys fine tobacco and literature. Philosophical and embraces their Anglo-Saxon/Irish/Scottish heritage.

"That man is so Gooseman."
"Holy Shit, that Alex kid is so Gooseman!" "Gooseman approves, you two should get married and have gooselings, make the world a better place for awesome."

"That guy over there? Is he Gooseman? I can't tell?"

"No, he was, but he has fallen away from awesome, however, that man over there has had The title given to him." "Wow he must be awesome."
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AGooseman가 작성 2014년 01월 06일 (월)
1. Minh Le (Vietnamese: Lê Minh, born June 27, 1977), also known by his online nickname Gooseman, is a Vietnamese-Canadian computer game developer who co-created the popular Half-Life mod Counter-Strike with Jess Cliffe in 1999. He is also known for his work on AQ2.

2. To pull a Gooseman: to hand your work over to a larger company when it becomes to difficult to further it's development
Agg's site is getin hacked atm - I hope he doesn't pull a Gooseman!
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jeyzus가 작성 2009년 11월 28일 (토)
a state of mind in which one "niggah" is in touch with oneself, such a way that the person is enlightened and becomes a "Wujamba"
A:yo gooseman, wutup da east side coast?
B:nuttin dawg
A: o wanna hit the sack yo? i gots me some new porno, they asian chicks this time.
B: hmmm, can i "emeril" u after?
A:.... sure but yo niggah ass better go to da wunderbread corner first
B:FO SHo nigga
Ze12o booty가 작성 2003년 02월 11일 (화)
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