a silly, ridiculous person; a peanut-head
*you never message me
-you're always idle
d0rk가 작성 2004년 04월 19일 (월)
Top Definition
a person who thinks that theyre funny or cool but really theyre just awkward and weird.
Derrick thinks its cool to make up his own gibberish, but really he is just a goob.
#goober #goob #weird #funny #cool
chawlee가 작성 2010년 12월 13일 (월)
one whose appearance makes them look like a douche and/or baby
"look at that guy wearing ed hardy" "god he's such a goob
#goob #ed hardy #douche #baby #d-bag
jufro235가 작성 2010년 11월 08일 (월)
one who acts immature, stupid, or idiotic usually making a fool out of themself.
"kevin is such a goob!!"
#goober #dumb #immature #stupid #idiot
brooke's peanut가 작성 2005년 09월 29일 (목)
droopy grandpa boobs, usually found on old grandpa's, not a pretty site
DUDE when grandpa hugged me i could feel those goobs!
Megz가 작성 2005년 02월 21일 (월)
short for gobstoppers.
because each gobstopper is a goob.
Imma bring those red goobs to school tomorrow so we can eat them while watchin that movie with the tutsis and hutus.
#gobstoppers #gobs #goob #candy #tutsis #hutus
Mitchell Feigley가 작성 2008년 04월 29일 (화)
A particularly large and sagging pair of breasts.
Traditionally they will hang to the waist and spread to the sides.
Owners may wish to accentuate theirs with the wearing of a tight rollneck jumper.
Hey Chris, look at that chubby lesbian showing off her goobs.
#boobs #saggy #fat #breasts #tits
Randy Shackleford가 작성 2007년 06월 09일 (토)
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