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A International franchise chain that shares the name ONLY. One of the biggest franchisers in the U.S. has being under criminal investigation for fraud illegally charging and double charging it's members outrageous amount of money after they have become members.

Gold's Gym is also famous for it's Venice Beach location which is THE top gym where Gay men, including Porn Stars and Hollywood stars meet and train. This is also the place where California Governator Arnold "Swastikanigger" use to pump iron back in the days when He too was a young illegal non-English speaker alien.

Gold's Gym or simply Gold's as is commonly known worldwide is the place for serious hardcore bodybuilders it's also the place for married men to have "freaky" adventures with other men in their saunas and showers due to it's semi labyrinth floor plan private format which on must locations is extremely far away from the main workout floors.
Jason: Bro, I love the energy of working out at Gold's Gym specially when you spot me, it makes me lift even more iron. Now let's hit the showers.

Alex: Yeah, bro, but why not continue with an even harder and hotter workout session in the sauna first...
JockBox가 작성 2009년 07월 31일 (금)
Golds Gym is the worst place you could ever go. They take away swim teams and fire coaches that were working there for OVER 20 years. Golds Gym cares about nothing besdies money, not about other people's happiness or jobs for that matter. Golds Gym took away my swim team that I've been on for 7 fucking years and it was my LIFE. i hope golds gym is happy for taking over 200 swimmers off a team that was the 2nd best jewish team in the state and a hard working coach out of a job ... THEY SUCK.
Golds Gym Sucks Testicles.
Katie hates golds gym가 작성 2008년 09월 12일 (금)
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