Really large; both gigantic and enormous but smaller than gimongous
Fear Factor is a ginormous flop.
Val가 작성 2001년 11월 04일 (일)
a short way of saying 'gigantically enormous'
That building is ginormous, yo!
Matt (and class)가 작성 2005년 07월 28일 (목)
southern United States dialaectal blend of giant and enournmous
"Them balls is ginournous!"
Cletus가 작성 2003년 12월 24일 (수)
mixture of gigantic and enormous
that thing was freggin ginormous
Kelso가 작성 2003년 05월 11일 (일)
a combinaton of enornous and giant 1) to be enormously giagantic
usually used when in disbelief
1) Did you see that fat lady? She was ginormous
kokomojoe가 작성 2006년 01월 24일 (화)
Usualy referring to a large object or objects
Dude look at those ginormous tits.
Kevin가 작성 2003년 04월 14일 (월)
Easier to say than Brobdingnagian but holding the same meaning.
Did you see the ginormous sausage on that bun? It looked like a snake in a change purse!
Derby Kirby가 작성 2016년 08월 15일 (월)
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