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A Gelan is a strange character. It studies others but in reality it is the one that must be studied. While it is a beautiful creature that is almost drop dead gorgeous, it remains as intelligent as Eisenstein himself. It is very suborn and lacks the ability to loose arguments, even when it as been out spoken and clearly proven wrong. It enjoy's going on walk's, doing yoga, capturing strange creatures with out it's mother's knowledge, watching harry potter, dreaming about wizards and sleeping on the ground. It is expected to cure cancer in the coming years but will fall short of this expectation. In approximately 10 years it will be married to what is known as a "toby", but rejects this prophecy. It's current goals are to be admitted to good college, land a good job, and travel all over the world. It is addicted to strange Irish boys. It also is Egyptian and well liked by many. It is about five foot tall and packs a lot of fight. If you come across a Gelan refrain from calling it a bitch, it doesn't like that.
"Why is Gelan so pretty?''

"Don't mess with Gelan, trust me bro"

"It's fun proving Gelan wrong"
a random observer가 작성 2011년 08월 21일 (일)
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