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A geek who, under his dorky cloths and silly glasses, has a really hot body and beautiful face. Usually has a great personality and is often socially awkward and completely unaware of his physical beauty.
Eric was shocked to see Steve from IT dancing at the bar. It turns out he's got the body of a Geek God under his lame, ill fitting work cloths.
Brett Burkhardt가 작성 2008년 03월 09일 (일)
Nathan Fillion.

Nathan Fillion is the Geek God. He is the royalty of Comicon, and the beloved ruler of geeks everywhere in the world; nay, the universe.

•He played the role of the adored, yet feared, Captain Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly and Serenity.

•He's a gadget guy who reads Popular Mechanics.

•He said that if he built a robot, it would have a strong heart, and management capabilities.

•He knows that a geekgasm is superior to a nerdgasm.

•He's a geek on the inside, but he's so handsome, sexy, and charismatic, he passes for mainstream.

•He can Jedi Mind Trick you.

•He speaks Klingon.

•His Browncoats affectionately call him "Captain Tightpants."
The Geek God Nathan Fillion is revered, yet he is humble. Here is Nathan's response on his Twitter page to those who declared him the Geek God: "I wouldn't say *that*, but I'm sure glad YOU did!"

•Reason #1 to love Comicon: SexyHotMessGorgeous Geek God Nathan Fillion. He Is Our Beloved King.

•Reason #2 to love Comicon: Nathan Fillion makes you geek extra hard.

•"Reason #3 to luv Comicon- Sexy geeks." ~Nathan Fillion

•"Reason #4 to love Comicon: All the other geeks. Love me some geekage. Double Rainbow." ~Nathan Fillion

•Reason #5: Nathan Fillion kindly praised his people at Comicon, saying they were so nice, polite, and cool. He then said "God bless you all." They cheered in squishy and excited delight.

•Reason #6: Nathan Fillion Single-Handedly Turned The Meaning Of “Geek” Into “Sex God”.
Kcat10가 작성 2010년 07월 27일 (화)
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