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GADRIEL – (Gadreel, Gael) is the forbidden name of the leader of the sons of God some believe seduced Eve in paradise. In Christianity his name has been replaced by Satan but long before the name Satan was introduced the story was told with Gadriel making the lustful offer that showed the deep pleasures of the flesh to the very first woman.

Gadriel is the real father of Cain, older brother of Abel, trough the intimate union with Eve. He taught men the art of warfare and women the art of beauty, and also revealed to the people the secrets of witchcraft, leading them into the powers of nature and the secrets of science.

Gadriel mission is to seduce, to teach, women the forbidden knowledge of science and beauty, and to breed with them.

Gadriel is revered as a physical/spiritual deity by many Theistic/Spiritual groups as a Promethean bringer of forbidden knowledge, thereby interpreting Gadriel as a Gnostic liberator.

Gadriel enjoys the distinction of being the most mysterious extra human character in sacred literature.
"So you think you're the devil? Then kneel in front of Gadriel!"

"I'll make love to you in such way that you'll call me Gadriel"

"follow Gadriel and the secret of science will be yours"

"A woman with such beauty can only be because of Gadriel"
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