fuller is a a shitty school in framingham its full of white kids even though the southside is mad ghetto. i go there and i hate it. fuller has alot of white kids alot of black kids and alot of brazys and mexicans and a few asians.there are alot of white kids that want to be black and try and act tough. theres lots of rich white kids there and a few poor white kid. then theres the black kids most of them are fake some of them are real. most of them live of welfare how the fuck they have iphones i dont know.on to the brazys alot of them are retareded and are hated by every techer. they dont tryt at all and are mad loud.they also are all in support. theres also the indians theres two and they both smell like shit. now the asians theyre all really smart and force it on everything.the mexicans are pretty chill but can be annoying. most of the teachers at fuller are racist . the other half are blind and deaf. there are some teachers that only care about what the white kids do and some that only care what the other kids do. but some teachers are pretty chill. the principles there are batshit crazy. and certain teachers are psychotic. the lunch is just short of prison food and is disgusting. all the white kids have to pay everyone ele its free. the gym teacher is close to a rapist he walks in while ur taking a pisss and talks to you like what the fuck i got my dick in my hand get out. the art teacher is always on botox and is terrifynig.fuller is the chgapost poorist school ever
I hate "Fuller Middle School"please approve this definition
JimmyakaJMO가 작성 2013년 04월 22일 (월)

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