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Fueled By Ramen (FBR) is a record label started in 1996 by Less Than Jake's drummer, Vinnie, and John Janick.
They have (raised) many good groups: The Academy Is..., Autopilot Off, Fall Out Boy, The Hush Sound, Less Than Jake, Panic! at the Disco, Punchline, Recover, The Stero and several others.
Dirk: Labels are for soup cans!
Jasmin: Of course they aren't, silly, they are for musical ensables!
(pause here)
Dirk: I have a splendid idea--Let us label the records like soup cans.
Jasmin: Oh, yes. How about after that wonderful instant asian noodle soup.
Dirk: Yes, we can say that they are Fueled By Ramen.
Jasmin: Why that sounds so delicous I could put some on my range for supper.
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Godly One가 작성 2006년 01월 04일 (수)
a popular record company that has acts like Foul Out Boy, sorry, Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., Panic! At The Disco, and bands aiming for preteen girls and guys who have been dropped when they where born. This company is the biggest threat US and the world faces today. "Cool parents" support bands like these so they can blind their children from knowing of great bands. Fall Out Boy is one of the most untalented and worst band to have existed in the Earth. These so-called punk bands should be fed to Slipknot, Insane Clown Posse, Dead Boys, and GG Allin. Guys who think they are hardcore for liking bands from Fueled By Ramen should castrated and hit with a hammer to save the world.
Fall Out Boy: Oh we'e so hardcore that we obey the rules in school. Soon enough, the young girls will be ours.

Parent: we cannot let our child listen to Led Zeppelin!

Guy 1: Why not?

Parent: cause Led Zeppelin is too talented!

Guy 1: What about Black Flag or New York Dolls?

Parent: NO! They're talented as well!

Guy 1: Then what can they listen to?

Parent: Bands from Fueled By Ramen, so my teens will stay stupid as they already are! Thanks to MTV, OC, American Idol, and High School Musical

Guy 2: You know what! There are many ways to get what you want, I use the best! I use anarchy! (pulls out a guitar and plays)

Parent: Oh no, music that relies on music rather popularity! (explode)
#carppy music #fall out boy #academy is #panic at the disco #untalented musicians
sleez boy가 작성 2008년 02월 27일 (수)
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