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Someone in to the whole street culture, 90's hip hop scene, underground rap, graffiti,skateboarding, and rare sneaker collection(similar to sneaker-heads). Hype, Fresh, Dope, Fly
They attempt to dress and party as if they were living the life of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!
Fresh Kids

Guys: usually wear thick framed nerd glasses, neon colors, lots of bold patterns and print, vintage 90s and 80s clothing such as Cross Colours, tighter jeans, limited Nike Dunks SB, Adida, Reebok, A-Life, chunky gold-chains, vintage sport team sweatshirts and jackets, LRG, Schmack, Stussy, Crooks and Castles, the Hundreds etc. They also tend to shave lines in their hair like in the 80s and have flat tops i.e. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, Pharrell

Girls: try to look like Salt-N-Peppa back in the day and usually wear chunky gold chains, neon colors, prints and patterns, 90s windbreaker jackets, acid washed skintight jeans, huge gold bamboo earrings,ghetto acrylic nails in bright color w, animal print, gold, and dollar signs, limited sneakers, and brands such as Stussy, Hellz Bellz, Obey, etc.
i.e. M.I.A. Lilly Allen,Kid Sister
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Franna가 작성 2008년 04월 03일 (목)
Based in Orange County, California.

A fresh kid is usually found listening to some DeadMau5 or Dubstep, and is wearing some vans or jack parcells with high socks, muscle shirt, and some rock & republics, and of course a pair of icy diamond studs. They hair is usually somewhat short in the front and is kind of long along their necks.

You can normally kid a fresh kid hitting up a t-shirt plus.

These kids usually think they are they shit, and wants everyone to know it.
VV Fresh Kid Convo's VV

Drake: " Yo Dylan, Am i looking fresh enough?"
Dylan: "Nahh Man, you need some new jacks, not lookin' fresh enough"


Troy: " Ayy Sam, Let's hit up Kendra's house then go down to T-Shirt Plus, Ya dig?"
Sam:" Yaaadd Mannn"
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Hollly123yadig가 작성 2010년 11월 08일 (월)
A word used in the 70s/80s bohemian hipster scene. If your we're a freshkid you'd be the kid everyone thinks is sound
Person 1:Man he's sound

Person 2: I know man he's definitely a Freshkid
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Yeahmanimfree가 작성 2013년 10월 13일 (일)
The new,"cool" fad that consists mostly of obnoxious,faggy posers. They wear neon flannel shirts with tight neon pants. They almost always have plugs and snakebites and wear nerd glasses without lenses.They and others think they are cool but they are so fucking lame and annoying, especially since more and more kids are becoming "fresh" by the day. You always see them in school shuffling like the lame asses they are. I hate how everyone mistakes them for "cool kids" or "skaters" when they are simply just a bunch of annoying gay posers.
Guy #1: Hey dude what are you doing afterschool?

Guy #2: Im going to the mall to buy some flannel.

Guy #1: Aw dont tell you're gonna become one of those faggy fresh kids now.

Guy #2: What?! Come on man everyone is fresh now, its the new cool thing to be.

Guy #1: Why dont you go away and shuffle fag.
#flannel #snake bites #shuffle #plugs #poser
flavoredAIR가 작성 2010년 03월 16일 (화)
Freshh friends who are hypebeasting all day! These "fresh" kids dress like hypebeasts and must talk to each other atleast once a week even though they go to different schools.
FKC Casey and FTK Richard are Freshkids!
#fresh #kid #sexy #fine #tiger #belt #black #cutie
FTKRICHARD가 작성 2009년 10월 05일 (월)
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