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Right-wing political activist. So-called, because it is the nickname of the denizens of the ultra-right wing Web site Similar to "ditto-head."

Also spelled FReeper
Bill thinks that anyone who opposes President Bush should be thrown in jail. He's a total Freeper.
FlashHarry가 작성 2004년 04월 08일 (목)
A knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, foam at the mouth, rabid dog, conservative nutcase who spends time between killing small animals posting on the Conservative Republican Porn site

Lead by king nutcase Jim Robinson, also known as Rimjob, these bizarre freaks spend their days franticly masterbating over pictures of Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, and their Bush Christ, and spewing the daily talking points from the Reich Wing.

Most FREEPERS seem to believe that their King, Dumbya the 1st, walks on water, heals the sick, brings sight to the blind, and truly is the Son of God (Funny, I didn't know God had retarded offspring)
FREEPERS can be recognized from the following attributes. Fat, Ugly, Stupid, Angry, redneck.
Hugh Jorgen II가 작성 2006년 05월 19일 (금)
A pseudo-conservative known correctly as a "neo-con" who likes to pretend they are conservative, but are actually a bunch of pro-corporate whores who worship the grandson of the nazi facilitator Prescott Bush. They are lead by Jim Robinson who, not unlike screaming liberals, will boot you from his site if you say anything wrong about El Presidente Jorge Bushy.
Oh crap, we have another freeper stepford wife masterbating over bush.
exterminator가 작성 2005년 09월 11일 (일)
A member of the Free Republic internet forum. The term applies to both activist and non activist members.

The term was originally coined by Lucianne
Goldberg in 1998 when she posted there under the posting name, "Trixie".
The Freepers went to a rally.
See also:
verb: to freep = activist activities
-to participate in a demonstration, letter writing, petitions, polls etc. Expressed in the form, "Freep that poll"
or "Freep that meeting" for example.
Freeper가 작성 2004년 09월 17일 (금)
Posters at conservative website who demonstrate their stunning grasp of wold events daily by reposting e-mailed prayers, dictates from the Presidential Prayer Team, urban legend spam e-mail, and making stupefyingly narrow minded commentary on the place of the USA in the greater world. Freepers away from their keyboard can often be found at gun shows, tractor pulls, bowling alleys, and drinking Mad Dog 20-20 in church dumpsters.

Freeper children are colloqially referred to as "Freeplings" and often spring from different fathers. Freeplings can be discovered in public schools when they unmask by challenging their biology teacher to a debate about Charles Darwin and Evolutionary Theory, two subjects to which they have never been exposed.

Freepers pride themselves on their inability to grasp scientific, mathematical, language learning, or basic dental hygene. Freepers commonly believe that the bible was written in English, that Benjamin Franklin was a Chinese transsexual, that The Confederacy triumphed during the Civil War, and toothbrushes are the implements of a Satanic Communist plot spurred on by the Cavity Creeps

Freeper males can be distinguished by their baseball hats, chewing tobacco stained beards, and low wage jobs. They also maintain a persistant odor of cheap scotch and generic cigarettes.

Freeper females can be distinguished by their baseball hats, chewing tobacco stained beards, and low wage jobs. They also maintain a persistant odor of cheap scotch and generic cigarettes. Freeper females enter breeding age at 12 and often begin reproducing within their family unit at 13.

Many Freeplings are crosseyed hemophiliacs.

Freepers thrive under the misconception that President Bush would like to share a warm Strohs beer and some Buffalo wings with them. They also believe President Bush is infallable, can heal the sick, and were it not for those meddling demoncrats have already thrown the UN out of New York, invaded every other country on Earth to seed democracy, and lowered their taxes such that they could finally pay off their 1984 Chevy Custom Deluxe pickup.

Freeper fail English? Unpossible!
BigMcLargehuge가 작성 2006년 10월 24일 (화)
Someone who is paid to endlessly post talking points, rhetoric, and propaganda to internet forums and blogs. Because the right-wing is more organized, freepers almost always espouse a right-wing neocon perspective. Also, freepers will almost always mindlessly defend the "moron-in-chief" even when it is clearly unwarrranted. The word "freeper" is derived from the term for users of the ultra-right-wing website.
The freeper made numerous posts defending the sham "president", but was unwilling to admit that he was being paid so that people would think that his opined views were sincere.
Der Fuhrer Beelzebush가 작성 2006년 10월 22일 (일)
Generally referring to individuals or multiple persona of the 'free republic' GOP front site. Free Republic is primarily a front for media reference and secondly a source for social subversion via formulaic talking points, of those who identify themselves as conservative for the ego and id fulfillment or peer acknowledgment. Such required to maintain the delusional mindset of 'socially conservative' (PC for anti-social). Freeper is also a description of behavioral or personality defects commonly associated with classic sociopathic themes, nazi like nationalism and racism, violent fanaticism, and an entirely predictable inability to elaborate on any political propaganda, assertions, or GOP talking points. Freepers follow the long standing republican tradition of ambiguous contrast to 'the liberals' as their political movement as the GOP is based primarily on destruction and division for the benefit of a few wealthy racists and has no agenda otherwise.
A freeper came to my site and pasted a copy of unrelated propaganda in a thread about yet another republican sex/money/violence/lies scandal. Can't they even write their own text or read the forum title at least?
not_a_robot가 작성 2006년 10월 06일 (금)
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