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A super hero who like bat-man has no natural gifted talent only that to kick ass and save humanity.

Foil man discorvered his true powers whilst excessive foil in his packet lunch box gave him the perfect hero outfit.

With this destined discovery he enhanced this power by buying 4 or 5 large rols of foil and covering himslef in it, in doing so Foil Man was born.

Since creation this daring hero has fought many battles and done wonderous things, although he does not wish for these to be disclosed as his enemies may plan to avenge him.

The foil has thus gifted Foil Man with the power to reflect sunlight, fight crime and look pretty darn awesome (not to mention shiny) whilst doing so.

This courageous here has the instinct to provial, the power to procced and the willingness to repitivly offer PEANUTS?!?.

Unffortunatley i can not disperse information concerning the true identintyof the man(or woman) now know as Foil Man(yeah ok hes a man) but i can tell you, he is here to stay, until all evil has gone the fuck away!
"Dont fear, Foil Man is here"

"Jackie Chan wishes he could kick ass like Foil Man"

"dude what the hell is FMILF? Foil Man id like to f*#£!"

"and through the bioplasmisum the foil conjoined with this mortal being, and arose Foil Man protector of the rightous and damner of the doomed"
you can call me steve가 작성 2009년 05월 18일 (월)
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