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One of the most dangerous housing developments in the U.S.

The William J. Fischer Housing Development, better known as the Fischer Projects, is a public housing development in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. It was the last conventional public housing development constructed in New Orleans and originally consisted of a 13-floor high-rise and fourteen 3-floor units. The area has been undergoing redevelopment since about 2004. The development is located along Whitney Avenue in the Algiers area of the city's West Bank, which is part of the 15th Ward and is named for William J. Fischer who served as chairman of HANO in the 1950s. The Fischer Projects opened in 1965 on 48 acres of land adjacent to the Mississippi River Bridge and it approach roads. The development was isolated from other West Bank communities by the bridge, the Donner Canal and a Southern Pacific Railroad line. The 14 low-rise buildings were built in long parallel lines and positioned using the scattered site method resulting in large park areas covering approximately 60% of the 48-acre site. A 13-story high-rise building was constructed in 1966 and served as housing for the elderly. Upon completion of the high-rise, the development had a total of 1002 units. Over the years, the development became rundown and saw a rise in violent crime similar to other public housing developments in New Orleans and around the country.
Man 1 - Aye, did you hear about how the SWAT team did a crackdown in the Fischer Projects?

Man 2 - Yep, and I heard them drug dealers started shooting at them too.
Nola-boy가 작성 2010년 03월 26일 (금)
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