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A unusual looking mammal that communicates to others using the language of the "Green Giant" (HO HO HUMMM) homosapien that owns the organs responsible for producing spermatozoa for fertilizing eggs. Can be described as having the magnitude of a blue whale, the eyes of a Irish Elk, the feet of a caveman, the tongue of a tube lipped nector bat, the testicles of a rhino,the skin of a fair maiden,the legs of a giraffe, the wingspan of a American Bison, and the lips of a African American.

Escars are bisexual-sexually attracted to both women and men, but particularly to male aeronauts with the scent of smegma and female nymphs which can be classified as the species ASH. Although Escars are sexually attracted to both sexes and perform intercourse a great number of times with numerous species in a variety of unique positions including the double kangaroo sloppy pocket, the backdoor mailman, and the angry dog, they begin the unceasing search for their mate (always an ASH) at the age of 18 (cat) years. Once the mate is found by the escar the introduction of selves begins by the act of cunnilingous followed by the sexual act of intercourse in the Llama Spit position. Once this sacred act is carried out, the mate transforms from the species ASH to ASS, and the ESCAR and ASS never leave one anothers side again nor have other sexual partners.It is well known that when one mate dies the other dies exactly 33 seconds later from Anxiety Stroke Attack (broken heart).
Look at that massive Escar Llama Spitting on that Ash!
sillygiraffo가 작성 2008년 09월 18일 (목)
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