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A county in New York. Arguably the best county in New York State, Erie County (which, no contest IS the best county in WNY) has Buffalo and several other towns such as Hamburg, West Seneca, Orchard Park, Aurora, Lancaster, Tonawanda, Amherst, Cheektowaga, etc.

No matter what food may urge someone to claim Erie County and Western New York is the land of the bland, once one tries Buffalo's chicken wings, the delicious perfection of this Buffalo area specialty will make one regret any past grudges and dislikes on the area's food.

Erie County has several towns, and exploring each one will surely have one wanting to move to their desired town to call their hometown for as long as they want to live in Western New York or Erie County.

Erie County is simply the heart and soul of Western New York, and the spirit of Buffalonians or Hamburgers or Orchard Park residents or West Senicans, etc. shows how much an Erie County resident / Western New Yorker values his or her hometown.
I checked out Erie County and was drawn to Hamburg and want to call it my hometown. Some think Hamburg's just a town, but I think it's my second home. It can't be just me though, I saw an old lady in her 70s / 80s that said she's a lifetime Orchard Park resident, indubitably the desire to move to the town of one's choice and to call one's desired town his or her hometown is only understand by people who like those specific towns.
VanillaCoffee가 작성 2010년 07월 11일 (일)
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