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An Entrepreniggeur is a business minded person from the ghetto, One who uses street smarts and the art of hustling to gain wealth. Similar to an "Entrepreneur" This person is willing to launch a new business venture* or enterprise and accept full responsibility for the outcome. Although it is rumored that a more experienced entrepreniggeur will avoid accepting personal responsibility for any legal actions taken by local authorities, as most if not all of these business ventures are highly illegal. This lack of personal accountability is possible because of ghetto business ethics which consist of two main principles, which are: snitches get stitches & yo the streets is watchin son!

*Business Ventures in this field are usually distribution and sale of various drugs and other controlled substances, also armed robbery, extortion, grand theft auto, petty larceny ie; stealing your chain & jordans on the L train, stealing your car stereo. In some cases there are reports of an entrepreniggeur selling substances which may appear to be narcotics at first but guess what? Your bitch-ass just bought a quarter-pound of oregano... nigga!
For real son, JZ was on some frank lucas level entrepreniggeur shit back in the day when he was hustlin raw outta marcy
TEAM AWESOME WITHAC가 작성 2011년 02월 07일 (월)
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