emo girls: wear skinny jeans , die their hair sometime, use a straightener most of the time, has a emo haircut; making their hair look feathery and poofy useing a razor to cut most of their hair, like to listen to punk music like the bands like black veil brides ect, wear dark black eyeliner.

I do/am: i am emo I AM NOT a homo i dont like girls that way i find girls who do kinda weird ... i wear skinny skinny jeans i wear tight shirts with band names on them i love wearing dark black makeup, i love hanging out with my ture friends i have a emo haircut; a frinage feathery poofy haircut, i am getting my cartliage pireced i dont dye my hair but my hair is nautarl blech blonde i have long extensions, i do cut , but not all emo people do, i am a really nice girl if u get to know me i usaually dont say the first word when i met a person but i will if i like them and want to get to know them, i am 13 years old and i love who i am! some people dont and they bully me this is why i have become emo it got so bad ... remeber when u bully it may look like your not hurting them but u r..... if u dont have any thing good to say dont say anything!
look a the emo girl listening to black veil brides with her non-emo girls
Scene/emoqueen가 작성 2011년 07월 22일 (금)
A real emo girl is a female that likes mid western bands like The Promise Ring, or original hardcore like Rites Of Spring. Usually they are political, ethical and yep, you guessed it, emotional.
Alot of the time these days emo is used to describe girls into pop punk, indie or goth music.
This is WRONG, and highly irritating.
Seeing as though emo is so popular right now, people are actually wanting to be called it and are going to quite sad heights to achieve the treasured emo badge.
Real emo girls don't need that.
They just, like, are.
Guy: That chick is wearing tight pants and a Hawthorne Heights tee, she is well emo.
Emo Girl:Yeah...anyway, wanna talk about veganism?
LittleKittyEmily가 작성 2007년 08월 06일 (월)
Emo girls are either emotional, wear 'emo' fashion or listen to 'emo' music (they can be described with more than one of those). They can be depressed quite often but are quite often nice and can be cheery. Emo girls usually dislike chavs and don't bother listen to their criticism. Sometimes emo girls cut themselves but most of them don't, people just assume they do... Emo girls won't try to label themelves or call themselves emo and people assume that because they are emo they won't be nice. Emo girls usually have the same fashion but try to style it to make it unique and creative.
Chav 1- Oh look at that girl over their, she's emo...
Friend- How do you know?
Chav 2- Because she wears wristbands.
Friend- What so she slits her wrist?
Chav 1- Probably...
(Friend walks to emo girl)- Are you an emo?
Emo girl- Don't try to label me...
Friend- Yeah but do you slit your wrists?
(Emo girl shows wrists)- No, why would I?
Chav 1- You do slit your wrists cause it's red by there...
Emo girl- That's ink you idiot. Go away because I'm not an emo!
(Chavs leave)
Emo girl (thinking)- Hmm... When will the chavs figure out that me being emotional probably does make me emo... But I can't be labelled...
Leah P23가 작성 2007년 11월 19일 (월)
This is a definition coming from an emo girl herself.
Wear skinny jeans and dark colors, have hair dye (coontail), feel depressed alot, use a hair straightener, wear jelly bracelets (many emo girls are caught wearing those), and like the color black.
I'm bisexual (no surprise there), I'm a MySpace whore, I love sad music and emotronic, I hang out with other emo kids, I'm CALLED emo, and I draw depressing images. I am quite social and have many friends. Although I might not be able to show it, I'm sad most of the time. I'm 13. Yes, I wear massive amounts of black eye makeup. I wear Converse ALL the time.
I'm not some stupid little fag who whines all the time that life sucks (I only do that sometimes). I DON'T CUT !!! That's a freaking lame stereotype! I don't hate my parents all the time, I don't CALL myself emo (in fact, I hate it when people do that), and I don't pretend to be emo. I am who I am.

Now that is a true emo girl.
Fake emo girl: Oh my god my girlfriend broke up with me -Cry cry cry- -Cut cut- My life sux and i hate my friggin parents

True emo girl: S/he dumped me...-cries for awhile-
I'm not going to cut...
xxblackxrosexxO.o가 작성 2009년 11월 14일 (토)
an emo girl is a 15-17 yr old or older who loves being dark and girly at the same time but is mostly drawn towards the tomboy side,she loves any music that expresses her and she is arrogant on the outside but on the inside she is weak and crambling and tries to hide her insecurity about herself and her looks by black eye makeup and her attitude she loves pink and black and silver and grey,sometimes skinny and anorexic
an emo girl may luv fashion in th 70s bcoz its simply outragoues and different and she usually luvs black or platinum blond hair
estherlyimo가 작성 2007년 06월 03일 (일)
usually very good looking but sometimes not so much.
often attracted to emo boys (sometimes emo girls)

they move in packs or flocks and hate being steriotyped (as does everyone)

rarely seem to make the first move (to talk to someone)
unless they know them
cannot live without music it's like removing life support.

not to be confused with scene chicks.
did you see that group of hot emo girls =O
amudhippo가 작성 2009년 10월 27일 (화)
im sorry but emo girls are not sad or bitchz! they just dont think they fiut in at some times and they also like to be around other ppl hu they think r lyk dem n understand ow dey feel i just dont c wot the big problem is !
if there is a group of chavs then no1 says anything 2 dem bt if its a group of emo girls and boys every1 as 2 stop n stare n shout all comments bout ow dey dress bt dats all it is a way of dressin n wot music u like! its not your life so why say anyfin bout it leave emo boys n girls alone !
bonnie cooney가 작성 2006년 10월 27일 (금)
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