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1) Embrey. An Embrey. A roughly humanoid male, commonly under 3' 4" tall some rare specimens have been found to break the 4' 6" barrier.

These rediculous creatures are also famed in myth and legend for their silly hair. Like Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) except less cool, these sarcastic small people are often mistaken for extras from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

The temprement of these little folk varies greatly. Although little scientific study has been undertaken, most are imbued with an almost ineffable sense of ego. This has mainly been attributed to the medical condition 'short man syndrome'.

THere are many misconceptions regarding the Embrey. One of the most favorable lies surrounding these mythical beasts is that they build their homes underground. This popular theory has been disprooved by myself when I spent a week or so living among their kind by hunching my back and wearing a silly wig.

An Embrey can make an excellent household pet is properly trained and disciplined. However, similarly to Mogwai don't expose him to light before 11:00am and never EVER expose your pet Embrey to alcohol.
1 Oh my Lord, that Embrey just nicked my cup of tea! Give it back, you manky scots bastard!
Dave Cox가 작성 2005년 01월 28일 (금)
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