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another variation of the much overused cool, awsome, sweet, and "sick"
Also can me enlightning, a good performance
That concert was electric!
Electric shoes man!
Carley가 작성 2005년 04월 06일 (수)
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Hitting it on really well with people, as if sparks are flying all about you.
Eddie: Manny is pretty electric tonight. Thats the fourth girl he's been with.

Howser: Yea he's pretty much just a manwhore. He'll have an STD by the end of the week.
Schwaydizzle가 작성 2008년 09월 27일 (토)
Engineer that is too electric for his own good.

he doesn't understand simple definition of vocab or even art because he his too electric.
he's a great lover but only knows softwares.
GIRL= babe i love you

boy- whats the software code for that?

That is electric
DIA가 작성 2014년 05월 28일 (수)
neon colors mixed with a gagsta' wearing skinny jeans.
... just read the examples, then come up with your own freakin' definition.
dark, skinny, jeans; bright-colored, nike "high-dunks"; and a apatite for neon shirts and accessories.

bands who appear to be electric: cobra starship, family force 5...
genres: alternative/crunk-rock

favorite colors: purple, yellow, black, green, red, pink, and sometimes blue.

um... you don't have to change you likes/dislikes to be electric. you can like video games (unless you play them for more than hours at a time... that's just square-ish), you can still listen to hip-hop, and have preppy friends.

gangsta' nicknames can be cool electric features, unless they're dumb. :|

electric - not to be mistaken for the music genre, "electronic" (though they do have a lot in common) is a cool, artsy, interesting thing to be. GO! ;]
optimus-prime 가 작성 2008년 05월 07일 (수)
nothing to do with "emo" and shiz like that.
its from the might boosh you fools !

vince noir !
hes what electic is all about !

Vince Noir is electric.
perfect (L)
LornaSTAR가 작성 2007년 02월 05일 (월)
To get raging drunk.
"Hey man, what's up? Anything going on tonight?"
"Well, we've got a kegger in, so I figure we're just gonna get electric and see what happens"
JoeW07가 작성 2007년 10월 07일 (일)
Electric is a stereotypr mostly a mix of SxE/scene/prep. mostly seen in california or large towns. commenley mistaken for scene, but is somewhat different.
FOR GIRLS: electric girls where tight, skinny/drainpipe jeans, but in many, many, many different colors. As in, grey, pink, red, green, blue, dark jean, lightwashed deniem, mixed denaim, or patches that are evrywhere. Often own anywhere from 5 to 12 pairs of jeans! Often wear denaim skirts(when not wearing skinny cords or jeans) with brightly colored or fishnetted leggings. Wear lots and lots and lotssss of jewlery that is made of cheap plastic or big, bright silver/gold.Mix many many many many different colores in one outfit. Usually get outfitt insparation from the Japanese Street girls. Hair is sometimes black, but usually left natural, with a scene girl cut. may have random streaks of red or purple or green. Wears alot of headbands and WEARS YELLOW IN ALMOST EVERYOUTFIT somewhere!!!! say: XO XO XO XO! or XO XO XXXXXXXXXXXXX into symbolsing makoouts. Often are very into their myspace or aim. SHirts that are lowcut in bright colors and have random disinged like the scene kid shirts.

Electric brand: Scrapbook, Soundgirl are commen.
Music:heavy metal (is mostly what they listen too) or old skool Sphykadelic bands. Vintage bands from the 70's that no one had ever herd about.

Boy: not as common as girls, but wears tight jeans that they wear reallly really low, like the 'gangsterrr' style of a few years back. They wear them so their ass looks really flat. Usualy are proud of that fact. They would look like sxe or scene, but brighter, funkeyr colors. Wear larger shirts then scene or sxe kids, but still are the same style. Usually large phrumpy jackets unzipped to show off layers of shirts and rocker vest/sweater vest/layered shirts/clumps of necklaces. Is usually wearing skater shoes or brightly/uniquely colored convers or jack percells. Wears jewlery like a cross, or drawn on braclett with odly colored sharpie. May have a peircing, usually only in the ears 1-3 in both ears. Wears large girlie earings or plugs. Hair is naturally colors, but had the sxe style or a fo'hock. fo'hoc is commen to see or just messy hair that looks uncombed.
same music as the girls usally. Also is almost any style of band or in 3-7 bands at once.
FISTNAMEx0x0LASTNAMExx: heyyyy bunnngerabo
Ohh!!!LookxIts0FIRSTNAME: yooo girrrllie! how is your life?
FIRSTNAMEx0xLASTNAMExx: ehh, not much. just on me es MYSPACEE!!! grr!
Ohh!!!LookxIts0FIRSTNAME: oh, your default layout is soo amazamazainly. electric colors!!<3
TaylorxCox가 작성 2006년 10월 23일 (월)

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