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A town, located in Connecticut, that is so small every one knows each other.
-Hey do you know Fred, from East Haddam?
-Of course, man, I live in East Haddam.
I hate you all.가 작성 2012년 02월 24일 (금)
East Haddam is beautiful, wonderful, caring, loving, happy, and an all around terrific place to live! There is a lot to do in East Haddam, such as going to see a show at the historic Goodspeed opera house that has spawned Broadway shows. Additionally, East Haddam is known for its wide variety of delicious food. The award-winning Village Pizza is right in the center of town, and CT's No. 1 Family Restaurant Hilltop BBQ is located just a few steps away from the wonderful Moodus center. Additionally, East Haddam is home to beautiful homes and most famously, Gillette Castle, which is rated the most scenic place in CT. East Haddam boasts one of the best school systems in the state, under the leadership of the renowed superintendent who makes sure students get to school in any type of weather (3 feet of snow included). Additionally, East Haddam has two of its own news publications- the fishwrapper and the renowed Patch. Also in the mix is Gristmill Market, where you can buy anything your heart has ever desired. East Haddam is clearly the best place on Earth.
Person 1: Hey! Do you have a snow day today...there's like 5 feet of snow and ice?
Person 2: No! I live in East Haddam

Person 1: What are you doing today?
Person 2: I don't know....I have soo many options in East haddam!!!!!!

Person 1: Where should we eat tonight, in East Haddam?
Person 2:I don't know; there are so many award-winning options!
Midnight Doreen가 작성 2013년 02월 19일 (화)
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