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Established in a 2003, the Dundee Bikers Forum is one of the most popular and active web-based discussion facilities for those on the Scottish East Coast interested in any aspect of motorcycling.

There are weekly runs through surrounding counties lasting a few hours whilst members also frequently organise trips that can be day or weekend-long.

A democratic, fair and thoughtful leadership may work for some organisations but not the DBF.

Ruled by an Admin with the people-skills of a chainsaw, the DBF management is aided by three Moderators:

* One who is rarely seen or heard.

* One who has never been seen or heard.

* One who gleefully mis-uses his authority at every opportunity.

With a current membership of around 2000 (allegedly) an a collective IQ of around 12, the DBF welcomes bikers of all ages, styles, genders and abilities. The discussion are wide-ranging - from the irreverant to the irrelevant by way of the incomprehensible BUT if you need a buddy for a run, technical assistance, hands-on help or some general biking advice, this is the place to come.

And if you're completely new to the world of biking, just leave your preconceptions at the door (along with your dignity) and come on in.

If you live anywhere near Dundee and you've got a bike, the DBF's for you.
The Dundee Bikers Forum is a forum.

Based in Dundee, Scotland.

What are you not getting?
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