A surprisingly nice small town in Southwestern Ontario that sometimes gets a bad rap for it's reputation in the late 1980's and early 1990's when the teen pregnancy rate was very high. Presently one has to assume the bad reputation comes from nearby Hamilton which is actually a much better place than Mississauga (poor excuse for a city) or Toronto (circa 2010 under Rob Ford).

Dundas houses a wonderful small art school and theater company. The population has a large retirement community and is also made up of families. Demographics taken in 2006 cite the population as 97.49% White, 2.5% Asian and 0.01% Black
While in Dundas you should take in the sites including a Historic Downtown, beautiful hiking trails, and great parks. Have a tea in Taylor's Tea Room, grab a coffee at Detour, visit for Cactus fest or Buskerfest.
"Wow Dundas is a really nice place"

"My Grandparents live in Dundas"

"The Dundas peak is really beautiful in fall"
pancakesforlunch가 작성 2011년 12월 09일 (금)
Top Definition
A town of 25,000 in southern Ontario. Sometimes known as the "Valley Town" as it is located in the valley formed by the Niagara Escarpment as it bends its way around the western end of Lake Ontario.

Dundas is a nice looking town with lots of Georgian and Victorian homes and a downtown that some people actually use. There are lots of natural areas around Dundas with natural waterfalls, gorges, and forested areas due to the Conservation Authority and the RBG.

Dundas is considered one of the more wealthier areas around greater Hamilton.

If you make fun of Dundas, I'll come and kill you in your sleep. Have a nice day.
I like Dundas, it's way nicer than Hamilton.
stewie가 작성 2005년 02월 07일 (월)
Originated from the Asian Country of India.A slang term which translated into English it simply means Cock, Penis, A Males Genitile etc. commonly used amongst many south asian people, Mainly indians and pakistani's.
"so how big is your sons Dunda!?"

"I have a bigger and blacker Dunda than you!"
Majid Rahman (Bangladeshi)가 작성 2005년 07월 02일 (토)
A dunda is a cigarette, or a roll up, this saying twas made one merry day by a group of merry booving boov eye a masters.
Hey man wanna go smoke a dunda

wanna bun a didley dunda bar?
Redman of dankius가 작성 2010년 06월 15일 (화)
A small town located in Southern Ontario which has an exceptionally high teen pregancy rate and where the mullet is still the height of fashion. Dundas has recently lost its town charter and has been incorporated in the city of Hamilton. Any place that has been incorporated into Hamilton is one large step closer to hell.
Don't sit on the park benches in Dundas, you may get pregnant.

If you are from Dundas and you complete High School, you are a fucking genious.

I thought being tortured and being force fed my own genitals was terrible until I realised I lived in Dundas.
Dundasian가 작성 2005년 02월 06일 (일)
(n.) The most boring town in southern Ontario. After the small downtown, you'll be out in the boonies saying "where the fuck did Dundas just go?!?!" There is absolutely NOTHING to do, not a real mall, not a movie theater, nada. Even the parties in Dundas suck! There's basically no good looking people there. Good luck trying to find a partner, cause they're all rednecks and druggies (the special Dundassian type who at first seem normal, and they hide iot very well.) But the drugs in Dundas are much better than you can get in downtown Hamilton, not as cut. And thats about the only thing you can do in Dundas. No wonder the high drop out and teen pregnancy rate.
Welcome to Dundas, good luck finding something to do
Gunzzz가 작성 2009년 07월 24일 (금)
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