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Dru Wakely is one of the three members of the british band, The Midnight Beast, who was made famous after spoofing Ke$ha's single, Tik Tok.
The other two members are Ashley Horne and Stefan Abingdon.
Dru is normally the one in the songs that's "dad goes off on a cold, Christmas Eve to get some more milk, but he never comes, back and 17 years later finds out he's with a whole, fucking family of some Spanish bitch and he doesn't even, know his fucking name anymore"* and goes on drunken rampages, fucks hoes and scored some drugs.*

He was also in the bands, Clik Clik and Perfect People with Stefan Abingdon.
*reference from their parody of Tik Tok by Ke$ha.
**reference from their skit, Walk With Us
Chuck: Dru Wakely is awesomeness, ain't he?
Gabe: Yeah! He scored drugs, bro! He's way cool.
Chuck: You know he's only joking, right?
Gabe: Oh. What about the bit about his dad in Tik Tok?
Chuck: I think that's a joke too... BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER! DRU'S STILL AWESOME!
saportasuarez가 작성 2010년 04월 08일 (목)
Dru Wakely is a amazing man. He was born on the 10th January 1987. Dru has been in these bands:
The Clik Clik, Perfect People, Icarus Burning, and now in The Midnight Beast. Apparently Dru's dad ran away with a spanish bitch according to the TMB songs, but has not confirmed this.

Dru is a awesome drummer.
Man: Hey isn't Dru Wakely so awesome?
Woman: Dru is sexay
quacktmb가 작성 2011년 10월 10일 (월)
Dru is one third of the band The Midnight Beast, he is largely overlooked as a member of the band due to Stefan and Ash's supreme fitness, but nonetheless he is still there however much we try to pretend he's not.

He has revealed a troubled life as a child, hinting at it in several songs before finally releasing 'Daddy' which shows the true extent of his pain, the lack of a father figure in his life may have led to his actions in the song 'Walk With Us' although this cannot be proven. He may also have an alcohol problem, relating to this.

Despite this he seems to be leading a rather successful life and has some how taught himself the drums and thinks he can rap.
Someone: Mate, Midnight Beast are like da best band evaa
Also Someone: IKR, Booty Call is well funneh
Someone: Shame 'bout dat Dru Wakely doe caz the rest of dem are peng.
[;k7ijtyhrtyrufhfyfturty가 작성 2010년 10월 31일 (일)
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