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One who drives a vehicle with rims that are 24" or larger.
G: "Man that's a pimp ride my nigga"
Johnson: "Yeah cuz I be a donkrider"
G: "Yeahh mutha fucker"
COSC가 작성 2011년 02월 03일 (목)
Donkrider (Yiddish Origin): A person - originally of Jewish background - who is of average or below average intelligence and physical condition, but has a disproportionally large and often warped ego. Donkriders consider themseves highly exceptional in one or multiple areas of human attributes, such as strength and intelligence. For example, some donkriders believe themselves to be highly conditioned athletes that are able to physically dominate anyone in feats of strength and endurance (akin to Bruce Lee). Or they will claim to have a very high IQ (genius level), and will attempt to portray themselves as a great philosopher and thinker; they often adopt the "thinking man" pose in order to appear more intelligent.
Boss: "How many phone calls did you answer today?"

Donkrider: "I have a very, very, very high and respected martial arts background."

Boss: "Uhh... ok, but did you meet today's quota?"

Donkrider: "I would either choke, or shatter every one of your limbs."

Boss: "What the fuck is wrong with your brain?"

Donkrider: "You couldn't possibly understand, you're just a low IQ factory worker. Even with a broken ankle, i would break every bone in your body in about... 60 seconds."

Boss: "You're 5"4 140lbs and you have arthritis, brittle bone syndrome and club foot. You're not kicking anyone's ass. I'd fire you for being such a god damn donkrider but i know you'd try and under-the-table sue me for discrimination against persons with disabilities. I hope you get stabbed in the dick."
Facebook Girlfriend가 작성 2012년 05월 26일 (토)
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