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The Doc Jockey is a legal document preparer who may be bonded and registered. The Doc Jockey often has his/her forms rejected multiple times for errors, such as incorrect case numbers, party names, checking incorrect boxes and rarely if ever reviews work before it is filed in the court.

Doc Jockeys discount their services with coupons, and offer low prices because they will take short cuts and not prepare all the forms required by law. Doc Jockeys are notorious for offering services on Pennysaver and Craigslist only because they don't have an advertising budget and look for bargain hunter clients who aren't savvy. Doc Jockeys can be found in front of the courthouse handing out fliers. Doc Jockeys don't wear professional clothing, the women are often seen in sweat shirts and stretch stirrup pants and men in faded jeans and camp shirts.
A classic Doc Jockey error is assisting a pro per litigant with small claims paperwork, client suing for a bad check. Doc Jockey types in "Trouble Damages" because he/or she heard of treble damages but never bothered to research so he adds the closest word.

"I hired a Doc Jockey to do my divorce, he charged me $225.00 and I got yelled at by the judge because the paperwork was all messed up, so I had to pay a lawyer to fix it".
scopes monkey trial가 작성 2010년 03월 05일 (금)
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