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An abandoned shopping mall in Harvey, IL. Opening in 1966, it would close in 1978-79 due to a sudden rise in crime in the city of Harvey.

Originally made famous when it was trashed by police cars in The Blues Brothers, it has since become very well known and popular over the internet due to the fact that it has stood abandoned more than twice the amount of time it was open. Many websites, a book, and planned documentary about the mall are in existence; as well as thousands of pictures and several videos on YouTube.

It is one of the Chicago area's most popular urban exploration spots.

Many plans arose to demolish or convert the building for other uses; however the closest any of these plans came to be was the demolition of Mongomery Ward and a small on-site power plant in 2006 (after a major fiasco involving illegal and accidental demolition of Wards, and asbestos removal). Demolition stopped abruptly once funds ran out, and about 80% of the mall still stands. The developer who purchased the land was later arrested for harassing the hired demolition company; supposedly armed.
"It's as dead as Dixie Square in here"
jonrev가 작성 2009년 09월 20일 (일)
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