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DRG-DRUGGED ROACHES GAY-White roaches who live in derrty ass houses that look and smell like shit. A different version of White Trash but shittier. This is a fake gang, the leader is a trick ass bitch ass ho and gets fuked up da ass every night foh fun and realizes that white people dont run da world or even America, they just represent the boringness and gayness of this country. FAGGOTS!
Damn yoh havent heard of DRGK? Dixir Rebel Gangsta Killas? They disrespect, kill, shit on, kill on,pistol whip on, piss on DRK forever members and they are made of blaccs,latinos, and asians located in the hoods of the USA and dress in BLACC BLUE nd da lower class wear red. Unlike the Dixie Rebel Gang who sport their panties and strut their pink and white panties and thongs depending on rank of GAYNESS and sing counry music(AKA annoyin shit). DRGKILLAS also fuk their white gurls to make them a different colors and to make them realize that white people do not rule this world or even rule AMERICA. There are more of us than yoh KRAKUH!
OH KKK! HOLLA at ME가 작성 2005년 01월 04일 (화)
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