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also known as the Southern Mafia, a criminal organization predominatley active in the southern U.S. They are characterized as a violent and loosely organized group of criminals, who make their living mostly through contract killing, drug smuggling, and armed robbery. The Dixie Mafia have connections with the Itialian and Irish mafia aswell as several Miami-based Cuban drug cartels. It has even been stated that former President Bill Clinton has connections with the group. They are unique in that while most modern organized crime syndicates have a set "don" or "boss", the leader of the Dixie Mafia is determined by who has the most money, or whoever is most financially secure.
the Dixie Mafia, although not as well known as the Italian mafia, have prooven to be even more deadly. "During a ten year period from 1968 to 1978 when the Italian Mafia was in the headlines for a spree of thirty murders, their redneck counterparts quietly dispatched 156 victims."

The 1973 film "Walking Tall" is based on actual events surrounding the Dixi Mafia.

The one precept that members are expected to adhere to is: "Thou shalt not snitch to the cops"
Noi"wootz"Treddic가 작성 2007년 06월 16일 (토)
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