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Adjective - 'The concept of being both fascinated and disgusted at the same time...' (Robert Blevins - AB of Seattle May 11 2009) In response to the 32 footsteps theory.

See also: Fascusting. Pronounced "Fas-custing" - Same meaning as above.

Alternative spelling: Fanscigusting. Pronounced "Fanci-gusting" as suggested by (Steve out-door-rec) May 11, 2009
Know it all says: "Did you know that...."In 1336, King Ludwig of Bavaria sentenced nobleman Ditz von Shaunburg and four of his associates to death. They were sentenced to death for rebelling against His Majesty and for disturbing the peace in the kingdom. The nobleman and his friends were to be beheaded. Before the execution, the king asked Ditz to express his final wish. The nobleman asked the king to forgive his friends if his beheaded body runs by them. Schaunburg specified that the convicted were supposed to get in a line with eight steps between each other. The king burst into laughter, but he promised to fulfill the nobleman's last wish. Ditz got down on his knees in front of a block. The executioner cut his head off, but the body jumped up and ran by the other convicted people to the immense horror of the king and everyone who witnessed it. The beheaded body made 32 steps, having passed the last person in the line, tumbled down to the ground, and remained quiet. The king kept his promise."
Skeptical purist says: That's disgustinating!
VeeYoda가 작성 2013년 08월 16일 (금)
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