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A person who is always there when you need them. A strong survivor who can make it through anything. She is always making you laugh or joking around with you. You always have a good time when you are with her, even if she is making fun of you. She goes through tough times in life, but she never lets you see her down. She is always strong for everyone, and doesn't like to bring people down. She is an amazing runner, and anyone would be lucky to be like her. She is a beautiful and courageous role model. A person you look up to forever and you hope that you maintain a close friendship with forever. You don't know what you would do if you lost them. They bring you closer to all the things you need to be doing in life. She puts you on the right path. She gets you to be stronger in your faith. She is your hero.
'Man I've had a really bad day.'
'You should call Deedee, she's always there for people when they need it.'

'I don't feel good.'
'Why can't you be stronger like Deedee?'
lookup10가 작성 2009년 06월 15일 (월)
The mighty and legendary sister of Dexter in Dexter's laboratory
"Dee dee! Get out of my laboratory!"
Simon.K가 작성 2007년 10월 26일 (금)
DeeDee is a word for someone whos always caring. She will go through some of the hardest things a person will go through and still be there for you. She will be your sister when you dont have one, and when you do have one, shell be an additional one. A DeeDee is someone who will love everything about you, even if noone else does. DeeDee's are generally nice people. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet.
However - DeeDee's are sensitive people also. Once they take all the bad stuff they can get, they will get to a breaking point and freak out. Since a DeeDee was nice enough to be a friend to you, this is when you help a DeeDee out.
DeeDees tend to be the best friend youll ever have. DeeDee's Are also clumsy and can spell their name wrong at times.
DeeDee's will grow up to be amazing people
DeeDee's will live like their dying tomorrow.

They all dance like noones watching.
DeeDees will never be forgotten.
That Girl Carli Sure has a great best friend!

Yeah, she sure is a DeeDee!
CarlilovesDeeDee가 작성 2010년 08월 28일 (토)
A crazy sex machine
-who were you with last night?
-deedee, shes a sex machine!
hayden738201가 작성 2010년 05월 23일 (일)
Nicest , cutest girl everr!
Boy#1: Who are you dating ?
Boy#2: Deedee!
Boy#1: Lucky!
Bianca2010가 작성 2011년 01월 02일 (일)
a beautiful person (mostly a female) who is funny and gets along with everyone. Mostly nice to everyone but has an evil side. When you get a deedee drunk, she can be very wild.
dont get deedee drunk!
loverboy7483204가 작성 2010년 04월 04일 (일)
hot sexay girl who likes long walks on the beach and adam broday!!!! dee dee is so hot! i love to caress her all day long
Dee is the hottest girl in the school and i enjoy to caress her
ZABI가 작성 2003년 11월 06일 (목)
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