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<proper noun>

The name of the most amazing girl in the universe. She is completely unrivaled in all measurable aspects of being, as well as the unmeasurable aspects too.
I'm almost positive that Daya is a divine being, it's the only explanation.

I <3 Daya
Lekegolo가 작성 2010년 10월 13일 (수)
1. A name given to a man born under the midnight glimmer. A name that will shake all four corners of the earth with the fiery passion of love as the name marks the most passionate of lovers. A name given to the kind of guy any girl could fall in love with. Trustworthy, charming, confident, faithful, sweet, funny, kind hearted, romantic and passionate. Can be an immature idiot and childish but can always make people laugh when you least expect it . He can be a dick by annoying you and moments later have you smiling. There's just no way you can hate Daya ! Amazing strength and gorgeous moonlit eyes. He is taken by a girl he loves very much and wouldn't trade her for anyone in the world. He's always there in your heart. Just freaking AWESOME and AMAZING.

2. A man that contains a giant anaconda like penis in his pants. He is fucking awesome in everything.Don't ever pick a fight with him as he will drive his fist through your chest and rip your lips and use it to kiss his ass. He will beat the living daylights out of you and make you believe that your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory if you ever mess with the ones he loves.
Daya once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now just The Islands.

girl 1: hey whats up?

girl 2: -drools-

girl 1: why are you drooling?

girl 2: -points at Daya-

girl 1: -drools-

girl 3: He is just so dreamy and
Cupcke27가 작성 2011년 10월 01일 (토)
A person would say this if something has just happened that has made their day
"Here mate I have just fell out of that tree"
Dino Konstantis가 작성 2006년 12월 22일 (금)
An onomatopoeiaic word that can be used as a greeting.
RV: Hey Dyper, how's are you?
RC: DAYA!! I'm goo.
RV1234가 작성 2010년 07월 12일 (월)
pronounced daaaay-a

universal term to describe sillyness in the office environment. Origionally coined by S.D. to describe databases. The "word"/"sound" has evolved to be a wild card term to describe almost anything, and replace almost anyword.
qustion: "can you please confirm if you have done your TPS report?"
answer: "daaayaaaa!"

"dem daay-abases need the logs backed up"

question: "excuse me sir do you realise this is a 50mph zone, we clocked you at 120mhp, How fast do you think you were going?
answer: "day-a!"
day-aaaa가 작성 2008년 08월 21일 (목)
1. One who loves all.
2. Cute and fluffy on the outside. On the inside a controling, manipulitive, phycotic, bitchy, half-crazed fat panda.
3. Politely rude.
Thats very daya of her.
Vertt가 작성 2006년 11월 23일 (목)
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