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A group of kids from Durham, Maine. Their shenanigans generally involve a massive amount of inside jokes, improper use of English, alcohol consumption, and marijuana use. Each member brings a unique skill or characteristic to the group. A member is almost never seen by themselves, usually with at least one other member at all times. The DCS is known to invade chain restaurants and order the entire menu (see Taco Bell Challenge). It is very easy to spot the DCS once inside the restaurant, because they are the ones being extremely loud, and using an often extreme amount of vulgar, profanity, and racial slurs within close proximity to young children when conversing. Despite their antics, the majority of the members are actually quite intelligent, with most attending a college or university. All DCS members attended Brunswick High School, where they are responsible for a 3-year span of winning seasons for the otherwise shitty football team. The DCS is a proud organization, often compared to such groups as the NRA or the Republican party. The DCS endorses several products, including Ol' Glory Energy Drink. There are no DCS buildings, instead each DCS meeting takes place at one of several locations all around Durham. The DCS is very strict with the admittance of new members. There are very strict initiation rituals, which have known to be too much for the faint of heart. Partying with members of the DCS will more than likely result in: minor bruises and/or cuts, mysterious tatoo's in the morning, STD's, spilled beer, crashed cars, physical relations with fugly chicks, texts and/or voicemails that make no sense, regurgitation, broken glass, loud music, Guitar Hero, dancing, screaming, tears, wrestling, streaking, and a loss of money, hearing, clothes, or dignity. Overall a good time.
Only the best of the best are allowed in the Dawson's Creek Society.

Me and Mitch are going down to the Acadia Lodge for a DCS meeting, you in?


Dude, I woke up and all of my clothes were in the driveway, and I have road rash on my ass. That was one hell of a DCS meeting.
Trij가 작성 2008년 03월 13일 (목)
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