One of the best NASCAR Driver of all time. The only thing i ponder about why people add definitions that are highly disrespectful. Look at it this way, in 1992, Richard Petty retired. NASCAR ratings were at an all time low. Since 4 races after Daytona in 2001, the ratings for NASCAR have gone down 38%. 9 races after Dale died was the first time EVER a track was not sold out. Think about it that way. Only a crapload of America watched NASCAR because of Dale. There will never be another intimidator like Dale.
"Who's that number 3"
"That's the best driver ever, Dale Earnhardt
Freyguy가 작성 2008년 07월 15일 (화)
One of the greatest race car drivers ever, who held 7 championships until he died at the age of 49 in the 2001 Daytona 500, when on the last lap, last turn he suddenly drifted down to the apron and barreled straight on to the retaining wall going an estimated 185 mph. His restraint snapped on impact and was instantly killed, and the interior of the car was badly damaged, and very bloody. Even drivers in other racing types consider Dale Earnhardt to be a true racing legend.
Going 200 mph and turning left for 3 hours is alot harder than you think. Stock cars have absolutely no traction control, or ABS system or any other driver aids, and finding traction going at that speed is difficult as hell, and at the same time being inches away from competition going 5 wide down the turns. Unlike most drivers, Dale Earnhardt was fearless, and made other drivers shit their pants when he came near them. He was nicknamed "The Intimidator"
. . . .가 작성 2005년 06월 17일 (금)
When your doing a chick up the ass put her head first in the wall
Son: Wow dad what was that move?
Dad: I put her head in the wall going into turn 4 just like Dale Earnhardt
Isshe18가 작성 2012년 01월 01일 (일)
Do you people not know the meaning of respect? The man ran into a wall and died, why are you making fun of that? What about people who drive drunk and then kill people becuase they get in accidents? Earnhardt was one of the best in his sport and I would appreciate it if you weren't so damn disrespectful.
Half of the people on here are fucking morons.
Certain people need lives가 작성 2005년 02월 19일 (토)
While having sex with a a girl, preferably with her on top, you put her into the wall, much like that of Earnhardt's fatal crash.
BRO 1: Yo bro, I was nailing that slut last night and she was so wasted I decided to Dale Earnhardt that bitch!

BRO 2: Nar dude, you knock her out?

BRO 1: Totally

BRO 2: Sick
ballerdude11가 작성 2009년 02월 26일 (목)
When hitting it from behind. keep repositioning her so her face keeps getting closer and closer to the head board. then just as you bust swipe her hands out from in front of her and let her face slam off the head board!
Dude did you hear I did the dale earnhardt to a powerliner's girlfriend
whe dont pawn 6 no mo가 작성 2008년 03월 28일 (금)
Senior did not die in a bloody wreck, the interior of the car was not badly damaged, and the restraint did not kill him. Also, Sterling Marlin caused the wreck. Watch a tape of it, Sterling Marlin (#40) tapped the left rear quarterpanel of Dale, sending the car swerving down onto the apron. Dale overcorrected and spun, going straight towards the wall. Ken Schrader (#36) hit the side of Dale's car full force. The seatbelt did not kill him, as according to conspiracy enthusiasts everywhere. What killed him was him not wearing a HANS device, a neck restraint. When Dale hit the wall, his unsupported neck caused massive head injuries killing him on impact. I have this image burned into my brain of Kenny Schrader walking over to the 3 car resting in the grass. Kenny undid the net, and leaned into the car, then slowly backed away. The interior was intact, as the crash WAS NOT THAT BAD OF A CRASH. NOTHING would have caused a bloodbath inside the car. What made the crash so interesting was just that, it did not look bad at all.
Whenever i close my eyes i hear Darryl Waltrip: "Whoa trouble in turn 4, its Dale. He's ok though, right? Yeah, he's ok." RIP Dale Earnhardt.
Corbyn가 작성 2006년 03월 14일 (화)

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