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A person who is rather gorgeous, caring and straight forward. She can be rather mute and come off as too overbearing or strong at first, but once she knows you she's rather acceptive, caring, kind, funny and protective of those she loves. She can be aggressive and a bit territorial when challenged or rubbed the wrong way: She'll be quite the mean bitch and rip you a new one (but only when she needs to be). She doesn't tolerate bullshit and isn't afraid to get into a fight. She's funny and loves to make others laugh- loving to laugh herself. She can often be a Dork, but she's still scared/concerned of what others think. She is a passionate lover and will easily fall in love, she wears her heart on her sleeve. She's a great kisser and can bring a lot of pleasure to the table. She can get very heated and intense quickly (if you can find her turn on spot ;D )- sometimes even kinky. She enjoy's pressure and likes to be pushed. She's very strong and intimidating but She still has a kind, gentle and fragile heart. She swallows pain & tears without a second thought She can be very stubborn, hard-headed and stand-offish. She is truly a great friend to have- listening to every word and only giving advise if She's 100% sure about what she is saying- otherwise she will simply let you vent. She is protective of her friends and family. She'll stand behind you all they way if your her friend or family member. If you have Dacey- for a lover, family member or a friend- never let her go.
"Who's that?"
"Dang, She's Fine"
I.Love.Dacey가 작성 2011년 10월 04일 (화)
Any person who is unable to understand a comment of make a good one.
Mr. Buchner: Wow Dacey that was stupid.
Dacey: Wait, What???


Chris: Yo Guys did you see Anchorman?
Dacey: Oh yeah, that movie had like Snoop Dogg in it, right?
J-Fizzle hunny wathca가 작성 2005년 01월 07일 (금)
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