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An A+ arts school, located in Fort Myers, Florida, Cypress predominately contains Center kids, druggies, ghettos, and the kids who represent their ~sadness and pain with their black clothing and anime drawings. The minority includes rednecks, Beach kids, and the elite AP group.

Certain teachers at Cypress give off the impression that they never really stopped smoking weed and others like to have political debates with their classes. Cypress is infamous for it's "You know you go to CLHS if..." MySpace bullitens and it's thrice-monthly drug searches-which almost always round-up a few oblivious children.

Common characteristics for seniors enrolled at CLHS include getting obliterated almost every weekend and as a result, completing all of the previous Friday's assigned homework on Monday morning during the first few periods of the day, taking more road trips across the state of Florida than is probably necessary, slowly losing more and more sleep as the year goes on (especially pertaining to AP students), taking a fourth year of French just because Mrs. McCarthy is awesome, and becoming best friends with your guidance counselor.

Memorable days for CLHS include the Senior Parade of the class of '07, where pupils were found vomiting in classroom rubbish bins, jumping on teacher-owned vehicles, and running from the drug-search-cops with paper bags over their heads. Also, the '08 mock-election of Mrs. McGalliard's AP class that concluded in a successful ass-whooping of Barack Obama.

A high school career spent at Cypress Lake High School is never forgotten.
"What high school did you go to?"
"Cypress Lake High School"
"That's right."
Ay bb가 작성 2008년 11월 01일 (토)

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