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An inept, untalented and unaccomplished lost person who steals the online intellectual property, material and images that belong to others ... without permission. In other words, copyright infringement.
The guy is a photographer with absolutely no talent, training or accomplishment as a writer, editor or publisher - online or otherwise - so he turns cyber pirate to steal and use the copyrighted material of others without permission.
munchen가 작성 2011년 02월 08일 (화)
1)Someone who pirates information and technology from the internet. Usually personal information. What he will go after is thought out beforehand.It is thought out and planned to every detail. Information is NEVER taken on a whim.
2)A Cyberpirate is somebody who grew up around technology. When his freinds were still reading the manual trying to figure out how to program in basic. He was programming in C++ and perl. The CyberPirate knows about technology and understands how things work to every detail.
3)Someone who grew up in a small town. He and his friends would go out on weekends and steal yardgnomes and go through local bussiness dumpsters for wireless customers and satellite information. Later using this information for trade and barter on the Net. Using forms of communication like phreaking a decided upon phonebooth, to going over the lines and using forms of IRC.
-NEWS-Cyber-pirates have hit again. Stealing many of the customer files from many large cell-phone companies across the United States. Administraters say that there is no trace of how or when they got in. But they are still searching for clues. -note- only a dumbass gets caught.
Mathew Walker가 작성 2004년 07월 11일 (일)
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