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It's like the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. Accept instead of an acid trip it is just a job interview with a manic that has delusions of grandeur. This is the time you waste on some lunatic that put an ad on craigslist for a job. They have no money yet they put an ad on Craig's List and waste your time. You can never get this time back.
Who We Are

We are an exciting start-up in the field of social entrepreneurship with a focus on e-commerce. Our trade-not-aid initiative aims to provide employment opportunities to women globally.


This position involves daily outreach to relevant blogs; engaging conversation in the Twitter community; use of additional social media tools; and on-site story promotion.

The ideal intern will be a real social media enthusiast and have a keen sense of effective social media tactics. Candidate must have strong writing skills, will propose new strategies in addition to carrying out assigned tasks. Candidates with marketing experience, startup or media-industry experience is a plus. Interest and passion for international development and women’s empowerment a plus.

Responsibilities .....need I go on. You know there is going to be one bat shit crazy snooty bitch on the other end of that Craigshole.
Keb Radics가 작성 2011년 01월 07일 (금)
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