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1. The inability to keep a lead in a sporting event;
a) to lose a game in the last minute or second.
b) to surrender a walk-off homerun or lose in sudden death

2. Incomplete; to not finish a task; to stop prematurely.

3. To be shot down in a social setting.

see also: Coug It
Orgin: This term is used by the alumni of Washington State University Cougars for their athletic teams lack of ability to win big games after holding large leads against top ranked teams and the University's archrival the University of Washington Huskies. Games are usually lost in the last seconds.
1. Wazzu couged it when the Huskies
kicked a field goal in the last second.

2. Mike was getting his freak but couged it before he hit her spot.

3. Mike couged it when he tried to get her number.
Aph Roman가 작성 2004년 02월 27일 (금)
Couged It means to succeed in extraordinary ways. WSU's win in the Sun Bowl is a good example of this. The unfortunate arrogance and irrationality of some University of Washington supporters has promoted the opposite meaning. After the WSU men's basketball team had beaten the UW men's basketball team for the 7th straight time, a UW fan leaving the game was heard to say..."too bad, they almost Couged it" fact, WSU did Coug It by beating UW at Hec Ed that afternoon.
The WSU Cougars not only have Couged It regularly in athletic competitions, but also in the many ways the University has had a positive impact on society.
teachkids가 작성 2016년 09월 10일 (토)
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