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A term used by lefties.

A Corporate Sonderkommando is a person who seems to be unaffiliated with any business interests, usually a politician, who advocates the selling off of perfectly functional state owned assets, under the guise of innocuous sounding beliefs - such as 'market-liberalization'.

Whilst appearing like you and I and promoting all sorts of improvements to how you and I can live, the Corporate Sonderkommando (C.S.) actually works for large businesses and corporations, secretly if possible. The C.S. only exists to promote the interests of these financial institutions. The main consequence of the actions of a C.s. is a repeated attempt to take money from the poor and give it to the already rich. Like Robin Hood in reverse.

Best thought of as a Sociopath In Sheep's Clothing.

The effects of a C.S. upon society is extreme : After the C.S. led one-time sell off of profitable state-assets has completed, the taxes collected from big businesses curiously goes down rapidly and is replaced by increased taxation of the general public, despite their relative earnings decreasing at the same time. In no time at all 60+ hour work-weeks become normal and your children become unruly strangers.

Tell-tale signs of a C.S. are the, usually false, assurances that they make in advance of wreaking major damage to the poorer end of society :

"Competitive market places lead to lower prices"
"I believe in a small government"
"The only good market is a free market"
"Success and social promotion are not some right that anybody can claim after queuing at some government office. It is better: it is a right, a right that one can merit because of one's sweat."

see also : Sonderkommando chickenhawk two faced traitor sellout Con-artist politician robin hood
European examples of Corporate Sonderkommandos are : Benito Mussolini, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Silvio Berlusconi, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Usage : 'In my opinion, Tony Blair is a Corporate Sonderkommando.'
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