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A forum or question/answer site user (often a moderator) who replies to questions by quickly Googling something that sounds relevant and simply copy/pasting it into his/her reply. Often never understanding or even fully reading the original post at all. A Copy Paste Hero never posts the correct answer, as the person asking the question has obviously already Googled everything that can be instantly found on the subject.
Original Poster: How do I change the Windows mouse pointer's color?

Copy Paste Hero: Below are the steps on how to change the Microsoft Windows mouse cursor. It is important to realize that some programs may use their own mouse cursors and that following the below steps will only change the Windows cursors and not the cursors used in third-party programs or games.

1 Open the Control Panel.
2 In the Control Panel double-click the Mouse icon.
3 In the Mouse Properties click the Pointers tab.
4 In Pointers click the down arrow on the Scheme and select another cursor scheme you wish to use.

In addition to changing the scheme you can individually change each cursor by double-clicking each of the cursors and selecting the new cursor you wish to use. If you individually change each cursor or modify a scheme with new cursors we suggest saving the scheme as a new scheme.

I hope that helped.

(Note the Copy Paste Hero did not even read the question properly as the Original Poster asked how to change the COLOR, which was completely missed or ignored in the reply.)
MickTheSick가 작성 2012년 10월 20일 (토)
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