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The most awesome country rapper there is today!! Colt Ford is a former professional golfer raised near Athens, Ga. He grew up listening to country music, and his first concert was a double bill of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers in Georgia. He eventually gravitated towards R&B and hip-hop and made his musical debut in high school writing a rap for a friend. He found that writing came easy to him and began working with producer Jermaine Dupri and other developing hip-hop artists. His diverse co-writing credentials include country music songwriter Jamey Johnson, songwriter-guitarist Jeremy Popoff of the alt-rock band Lit and hip-hop writer Attitude. Other musical contributions include country artist John Michael Montgomery and country music duo Montgomery Gentry, hip-hop artists Bone Crusher and Sunny Ledfurd and No Doubt's Adrian Young. He also wrote the theme song, "Buck 'Em," for the Professional Bull Riders organization. He is expected to release a new album in 2008.
Colt Ford Songs include Mud Digger, and
01. Ride Through the Country

02. Mr. Goodtime

03. No Trash in My Tralier

04. Cold Beer

05. Never Thought

06. Saddle Up

07. Waffle House

08. Twisted

09. Tailgate audio

10. Dirt Road Anthem

11. Good God O Mighty

12. Like Me

13. Gangsta of Love

14. I Can't Sing
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