An amazingingly talented smart girl, cares about her boy, and makes all girls' boyfriends want to leave them. She is a great friend and an amazing girlfriend. she may be vicious but she has a nice side. All you can do is love her. Her best friend is Sara and they work out. Everything about Clarissa is amazing! Perfection in mostly everything! Has great boobs and an amzing smile. No wonder your boyfriend left. Don't hate her! Clarissa is a complete panda lover! She is a filipina and she's proud of it.
Did you see that amzing girl?
Ya that's a Clarissa
pandabearbaby11가 작성 2012년 05월 23일 (수)
Name of a person who is GORGEOUS, smart, sincere, trustworthy, charismatic, and incredibly HILARIOUS! A Clarissa can always make you feel better when you're down. Clarissa's usually have brunette hair, blue eyes, and a nice ass. She is someone you can talk to on the phone for DAYS, and you still feel like there is more to tell her. She makes the funniest jokes that create lifelong memories with her closest friends! She has many different laughs, (probably like ten), but they all make you die, cry, and pee your pants. Clarissa's are usually cowgirls and they love the country. She loves hanging out with friends and dancing to music. She always makes the right decisions in life, and they help their friends go down the right path in life as well. Clarissa's will end up being friends with you for the rest of your life, so don't mess up the friendship by dumb drama, because you will never EVER find someone as great as her that you can call your best friend and sister.
Cade: Oh my gosh did you see Clarissa today?

Eric: No why?

Cade: She looked SUPER PRETTY and her ass was awesome!

Eric: Dude get out of here! Are you serious?

Cade: Heck ya I am! Gosh I love her eyes too!

Eric: Yeah, You like that?!?!

Cade: Yes, yes I do Eric. I'd be lucky to have a girl like her.

Eric: Me too. Too bad she's too good for us.
NancyKerrigan가 작성 2013년 07월 24일 (수)
She's really good at running and she's perfect. George loves her.
"Wow did you see that girl Clarissa"
"Yeaah she's perfect"
connolls kiid가 작성 2012년 02월 12일 (일)
A girl who is smart, sensitive, caring, nurturing, loving, adorable, and sweet; but has a sad, lonely, hurt, and dark side as well. A constant contradiction, doesn't like to be the one to make the decisions because she wants everyone to be happy. Always putting others before herself but not always doing it the way they want her to. Basically the best thing since sliced bread.
Boy: "Did you see Clarissa today, she looked amazing."

Girl: "That's because she's always amazing inside and out."
BunnySprout가 작성 2013년 12월 09일 (월)
Don't mess with this chicka. She represents that Mexico, mess with her you mess with the whole damn country. Commonly referred to as a tough heartfelt girl, but is psycho sometimes and hits people.

With a year of rehab, Clarissas tend to be successful in the human world.
Hey man, I just went to see Lindsay Lohan at rehab and she was with that Clarissa!
weeniebeenie가 작성 2010년 12월 28일 (화)
A cum-guzzling whore. Clarissa loves to take 2 cocks in her asshole at one time, preferably black and 13+ inches in length. For an extra $5 an additional 2 guys can double penatrate her cock holster. Clarissa gives one hell of a blow job, and her prices are unbeatable.
"Let's get on Backpage and call up a Clarissa. It's cheap pussy and the prices are unbeatable!"
Hah beeotch가 작성 2016년 07월 28일 (목)
the word clarissa's exact definition is monkey booty with a side of mango.
ew look its a clarissa
mumblebee가 작성 2010년 06월 16일 (수)
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