Bumbling, spitting moron employed by MSNBC to further propogate liberal bs to unwitting minorities and the 18-24 low information voter. Has been known to achieve orgasm at the sight of Barrack Obama.
Completes the MSNBC Obama "fluffer" trifecta alongside lunatic Olbermann and uber-dyke Rachel Maddow. 1/3 of the reason MSNBC ratings swim with the carp.
Chris Matthews had to be rushed of the MSNBC set as he provided himself a DNA sample at the mere sight of Barrack Obama
DVick가 작성 2008년 09월 05일 (금)
Top Definition
MSNBC host. Known for his ardent homosexuality, bestiality and pedophilia, as well as confirmed sexual relationships with President Barack Obama and fellow MSNBC host Keith Olbermann.
Chris Matthews would joyfully crawl naked across 1000 yards of broken glass to lap up the semen that somehow dribbled from Michelle Obama's vagina.
TheSovietCollossus가 작성 2010년 03월 26일 (금)
Chris Matthews is a raging, screaming blowhard that works for MSNBC. Not to be confused with Fox News' Chris Wallace, who is the one President Clinton bitch slapped over several minutes for being a smug prick. Matthews does kiss up to some guest like his boss Dan Abrams. He never gives most guest a chance to answer the question before yelling another one that is often of much less importance than the first one....Example:

Matthews: Do you think we should have invaded Iraq!

Guest: I think with the....(interpreted by Matthews)

Matthews: How about this great spring Weather! That's a nice watch!

He has stated before "you'd be shocked how conservative I really am." Although on the issue of firearms he is a gun grabber. Often stating in several minutes of off the subject rants, what's wrong with people in Iowa, Ohio, the South, Western states and my brothers. Why do they want a gun? Rudy Giuliani and New York City get it. What's with these people having guns.
Chris Matthews: What's with Hillary saying she gets the debate questions first? You want them first.

Guest: No you don't, if you get it second you have time to think about the answer.

Chris Matthews: I don't get it.

Guest: If you are a Noob like Barack Obama and do not know the answer you can later say "yeah me too". It gives you time to think the answer through and you can play got you if the first person answering makes a mistake.

Chris Matthews: I don't get it.

Keith Olbermann: Me neither.

Guest: What a dumbass!

Chris Matthews: You are banned.

Guest: And you guys are so in the tank for Obama.

Chris Matthews is often referred to as "Tweety."
Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.가 작성 2008년 03월 14일 (금)
America's number one Barack Obama stalker.
Cop 1: What the fuck is that in the grassy knoll?
Cop 2: That's just Chris Matthews jerking off as Obama's Limo passes the crowd.
thrill up my leg가 작성 2010년 12월 22일 (수)
MSNBC's answer to Bill O'Reilly. Claims to be independent but is actually a progressive. Says the word "conservative" with contempt in his voice. If he is not throwing softballs to Al Sharpton then he is playing hardball with neo-cons and conservatives and sings the praises of Barack Obama. Most Democrats love his show. He is what Alan Colmes wishes to be.
In numerous online polls. Chris Matthews has been voted the host most likely to shill for the left.
Reuben D.가 작성 2008년 04월 05일 (토)
The Fox news caster who got his balls busted and his ass handed to him for mallicously trying slander a intellegent man.
Boy, did you see Chris Matthews, Clinton busted his balls like a champion 9-ball player!
Samuel C. Adams가 작성 2006년 10월 01일 (일)
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